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You may be familiar with the technique of cupping due to its growing popularity and media coverage in the past decade.  This is largely thanks to various celebrities and athletes that have been spotted baring the trademark circles on their skin (think Michael Phelps and Gwyeneth Paltrow). However, it has been around for a lot longer than this!

Although it can appear shocking at first and appears as though it would be painful, in fact it is usually quite a pleasant experience.  The cups are used (without heat) to apply suction to the skin, and create a myofascial release similar to the effects of massage.  

Despite the recent wave of popularity, cupping is an ancient technique used by the Chinese for thousands of years, and thought to bring out mental and physical change by stimulating 'fresh blood' in the areas treated.  Today, we occasionally utilize the cups alognside our treatment sessions to assist with myofascial release and create a faster recovery for the patient.  


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