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Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapy

At Effective Physiotherapy we are lovers of sport and value the benefits of being fit and healthy, so we want our patients to be able to participate, compete and enjoy as much of life as possible too!

Our clinic regularly treats sports injuries from everyone starting at the weekend warriors, right up to competitive athletes.  


Whether you're wanting to get back onto the field, court or into the water, we're able to provide professional assessment, advice and treatment to assist with injuries, but more importantly to prevent them from happening in the first place! 


We are proud to say that we have great success with our athletes and amateurs alike, and love nothing more than providing them with the tools and advice to properly maintain their bodies and improve performance.


Often it is not as difficult as you think, so its worth a visit to avoid some future pain and time off from what you love.  

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Going To Surf

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