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Your First Visit

Make an Appointment
Appointments are available Monday to Saturday.  We understand that life gets in the way, and therefore offer early morning appointments from 7am, as well as evening appointments.    Our friendly receptionists will do their best to find a time and day that suits you, and can usually answer most of your questions. 

How to Get There
We are located on South Creek Road, next door to Storage King which is on the corner just down the road from Cromer park (and Manly Warringah Football Club).  Look for the purple and white flag on the footpath to direct you to our driveway. 

If driving, we provide two parking spaces for patient's convenience just to your left as you drive in the driveway.   Should you find that these are taken, usually there is no problem with finding street parking as we are in a quiet area away from the chaos of Dee Why.  
Our rooms and reception are located through the door and up a small flight of stairs.   

For patients on crutches/unable to climb stairs:
Please note we have rooms downstairs also, please alert reception staff to your needs prior to arrival and we will book your session downstairs.  

What to Expect
Your first treatment will generally take 45-60 minutes and the specifics of treatment will be guided by your injury.   Our physios do routinely use dry needling and acupuncture techniques so please make them aware if you are uncomfortable with these types of adjuncts.

All our treatment sessions are 100% one on one and you will not be juggled between physios.  In addition, all treatment's occur in a private room.

What to Wear?
Unless otherwise instructed, it is not essential to wear specific clothing, as we provide appropriate gown and/or baggy shorts to wear during your treatment, keeping your modesty in mind.   If it is your preference to wear your own clothing, we suggest  baggy shorts with a loose waist 
band and a loose fitting singlet top. 

What to Bring?

MEDICAL DOCUMENTS:  Any paperwork or imaging that you have in your possession regarding your condition, or any previous injuries that may be relevant.  Don't fret if you don't have it, it is usually not difficult for us to obtain if necessary.

HEALTH FUND CARD:  If you have private health insurance, be sure to bring your card along for an instant refund using our HICAPS device. 

WORKCOVER:  Workers compensation insurance details including your claim number if you are seeing us in relation to a workers compensation claim.

02 8084 5605

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